Build Your GaGa Ball Pit

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Customize Corner Brackets

Bracket Systems

Each Bracket System comes with the total number of brackets necessary to complete your Gaga Ball Pit.

Standard color is Hunter Green (though a variety of colors are available for the Oct 30H models only).

For a specific color, please make a request in the special request box below.

Choose as many Bracket Systems (and sizes) as you would like to order.


Wall Top Covers

1 per wall except for cutout walls. 8 for the Octagon. 6 for a Hexagon.

Choose Your Color

GaGa Balls

GaGa Balls

8" bouncy ball, ships deflated. No minimum quantity required.

Laminated Rules

8 1/2"x 11" sheet, signed by Coach Cliff.

ADA Doorway Kit

ADA Doorway Kit

Doors come pre-built. For 30H models only. The color is Hunter Green.

Quick Connect Kit

1 connector needed per wall. 8 total for Octagon. 6 total for Hexagon.

Adjustable Base Feet

Adjustable Base Feet

2 needed per bracket. 16 for the Octagon. 12 for a Hexagon.

Carpet Squares

Carpet Squares

1 needed per bracket. 8 for the Octagon. 6 for a Hexagon.

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